Ashonia Knight, CEO of AK Creator Assist

Ashonia Knight, CEO of AK Creative Assist

Hi Friend! I'm Ashonia and I’m a virtual assistant. But I’m not your average V.A.

I specialize in musicians and creative professionals - where I orchestrate a seamless symphony of support, so you can hit all the right notes without the hassle of the "little things." I don’t just help entrepreneurial musicians/professionals with their office tasks, I improve their everyday lives as being someone they can depend on to get things done.

Ashonia singing at concert!

Music is in my blood. 

Literally. Growing up, I watched my grandmother and mother immerse themselves in the world of music and creativity. My grandmother founded a community choir named "Proclaimers of Christ". The choir grew over 100+ members before Hurricane Katrina made her appearance in 2005. My mom is a songwriter and has produced several songs over the years. 

I have been involved in the music industry all of my life! Singing in plays, festivals, high profile events and multiple groups in the city of New Orleans. I even have a degree in Live Sound & Audio Engineering!

By being so involved, I understand how much time it takes to ensure I am set up for success; keeping the calendar up to date, reserving reservations for things such as travel or events.  All of these things takes TIME. Time away from being creative and doing what you love. No more burn out!

By working for employers such as Meta (Facebook) & the State of Louisiana in administration; I know what it takes to get the job done. As your assistant, taking care of the administrative tasks of your business allows you that time and gives you freedom.

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